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Super-Bowl 2015 Half-time Commercials!!!. What’s your favorite Video?

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-31

1. Carl’s Jr. Charlotte McKinney All-Natural “Too Hot For TV”    Commercial

I give Charlotte McKinney 1st place in the sexiest Super- Bowl Commercial.


2. Victoria’s Secret Angels Play Football:

My thought on this!!! “Where’s the mud, dirt and sweat on these pretty ladies? Their make-up still fresh like they just put it on? Wouldn’t it been better to wear no make-up at all. Natural to me shows the true beauty of a woman. BTW!!! WHO WEARS MAKE-UP WHILE THEY’RE GOING TO PLAY SPORTS???

3. Budweiser commercial 2015 | Crazy superbowl commercial | Super bowl ads

4. 015 Budweiser Clydesdale Beer Run | Budweiser #BestBuds:


5. TiMatt Forte Gets Hyped for Halftime | Hyped for Halftime | Pepsi:

6. Katy Perry: Super Bowl Halftime Show | Hyped for Halftime | Pepsi:

7. How Great I Am | Presented by The Bold New Camry | Toyota:

8. Old Spice | Nightmare Face:

9.  Dear Kitten: Regarding the Big Game (TEASER) – Purina® Friskies:

So Adorable.


10. Bud Light Super Bowl 2015 Commercial – Real Life PacMan #UpForWhatever:

I wanna play this game

11. 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog” | Budweiser #BestBuds:

This is a cool Commercial!!!

12. New 2015 Commerical – #RealStrength Ad | Dove Men+Care:

Very nice Dad Commercial.

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“Super Bowl 2015 Security: Law Enforcement Deploying Latest Tech”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-31

Published on Jan 29, 2015

Homeland Security warns of new stage in fight against terrorism as preparations to keep the big game safe are underway. Source: ABC News

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“Super Bowl Alert: Race to Contain Measles Outbreak at the Super Bowl”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-31

Super Bowl Alert: Race to Contain Measles Outbreak at the Super Bowl”  Source: ABC News

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“Delta Airlines Pilot Locked out of Cockpit”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-31

A Delta Airlines plane en route to Las Vegas declared an emergency after the pilot was locked out of cockpit. Source: The National

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“Disabled Woman Wrote Entire Novel With Her Left Foot”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-31

Disabled Woman Wrote Entire Novel With Her Left Foot A woman suffering from cerebral palsy who can just move her left foot has used her left toes to write a 60,000-word fiction novel. Source:InformOverload

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“Maternity Hospital In Mexico Explodes”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-31

Maternity Hospital In Mexico Explodes Tragedy struck a Mexican maternity hospital when an explosion occurred killing 2 and injuring over 60. The explosion was caused when a fuel delivery truck caused an explosion in the pipe line. Source: InformOverload

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“3 Students Dead After Taking A Selfie On Train Tracks”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-30

3 Students Dead After Taking A Selfie On Train Tracks Three students are dead after attempting to take a selfie on train tracks. Reports say that four college students, ages 20 to 22, were heading to the Taj Mahal in India to celebrate Republic Day that honors the establishment of the country’s constitution. 

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“Death in a Can: Australia’s Euthanasia Loophole – VICE INTL (Australia)”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-30

Max Dog Brewing sells canisters of nitrogen for carbonating beer, or killing yourself, depending on who you ask. We asked the man behind the company and euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke, who in 1996 became the world’s first physician to administer a legal, lethal injection in Northern Australia. The Australian government later quashed the North’s euthanasia law, so Philip set up an organization called Exit International to help advise over-fifties on taking matters into their own hands. Since then he’s pioneered several suicide devices, written three books, and formed a political party, all in the pursuit of legalized euthanasia. Source:VICE

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“Alone in the Woods: Harmony Korine’s The Legend of Cambo (Full Length)”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-30

While his parents were out working four jobs, Cambo spent his time learning how to survive in the rough backwoods of Alabama. When they went through a brutal divorce, he naturally fled to the woods to be alone. No traffic, no people, no responsibility—just pure survival. The plan was to wait out his adolescence there until he could legally live life without his parents. He ended up spending two years alone in the wild. This episode of Profiles by VICE, from director Harmony Korine, tells Cambo’s story. Source:VICE

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Wedding proposal fail: Woman falls to her death off Ibiza cliff while celebrating wedding proposal

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-30

A Bulgarian bride-to-be lost her balance and fell to her death from a cliff while celebrating a marriage proposal at a picturesque spot in Ibiza after her boyfriend popped the question. Dimitrina Dimitrova, 29, suffered a heart attack brought upon by injuries she suffered after falling 65 feet off a cliff at Cala Tarida beach. She died minutes after paramedics arrived. A source told the Mirror newspaper that Dimitrova had arrived the island two days earlier to visit her boyfriend, who lived and worked as a waiter in Ibiza, and to look for work. “She fell seconds after her partner surprised her by proposing to her as she jumped up and down with emotion,” the unidentified source said. An autopsy is scheduled to investigate Dimitrova’s cause of death. “Everything is pointing towards the death being the result of a tragic freak accident,” a local Civil Guard spokesman said, according to the Mirror. Source:TomoNews US

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Caught on video: Sperm whale drops 100 meter wide deuce cloud on top of divers

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-30

These pictures come to us from diver Keri Wilk who got caught up in the underwater s**tstorm off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Wilk and three other divers had planned an epic day of swimming with a pod of sperm whales in what he describes as “the most crystal clear Caribbean blue water you could imagine.” Unbeknownst to them, though, that water was about to get a lot, er, murkier thanks to a sperm whale whose stomach was on the fritz. The animal dropped what is probably the most massive deuce ever recorded, covering about 100 meters in all directions. Wilk says it got in his eyes and mouth. It was everywhere. Once clear of the “poo-nado,” the clear ocean water washed it away. Wilk still took and extra long shower, just in case. Source:TomoNews US

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Seattle PD Officer Whitlatch gets desk duty after arresting a elderly veteran William Wingate

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-30

Seattle Police apologize for mistreating a 70-year-old man out on a stroll with his golf club — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. On July 9, 2014, William Wingate was walking through the Capitol Hill section of Seattle, Washington as part of his normal routine when Officer Cynthia Whitlatch of the Seattle Police Department pulled her cruiser over and accused him of swinging a golf club at her. Wingate wasn’t having it. The Air Force veteran and retired Metro bus driver tried to explain to Officer Whitlatch that he uses the club as a walking stick and was simply minding his own business. Officer Whitlatch then called for backup and the senior citizen was placed under arrest and put into a paddy wagon, which because of his age, he needed some help into according to the report — talk about not respecting your elders! In October of last year the City Attorney recommended the case for dismissal after former Washington State Representative Dawn Mason became involved. Working with Chief Kathleen O’Toole and Deputy Chief Carmen Best, the three were able to get the charges dropped, and right this wrong, at least on paper. But the rabbit hole goes much deeper, it seems. Officer Whitlatch ex-girlfriend, who was also a police officer at one point, says that Whitlatch often dropped the N-bomb around her when talking about her day on the job. In another incident, Seattle resident Brian Davis got into a dispute on Facebook with Officer Whitlatch during the Ferguson protests and riots last summer while talking about a post from another officer/mutual friend who was “tired of folks assuming all cops are racist.” Davis’s reply was simply that the poster should stop thinking the protests were just about “the cops” and realize its about “The System.” That’s when Officer Whitlatch left this reply saying in essence “black racism” is far more damaging as a whole than “white racism.” And black folks shouldn’t be paranoid that all white folks are “out to get them.” Oh really? I’m sure Wingate here felt the same exact way back in July, about two seconds before this incident. 

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“CodePink Attempts to “Arrest” Henry Kissinger for War Crimes in Vietnam,…”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-30

Activists from the antiwar group CodePink attempted to perform a citizens arrest on former secretary of state Henry Kissinger when he testified on global security challenges at a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting on Thursday. Kissinger served as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor during the Vietnam War under presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain lashed out at the protesters and called on the Capitol Hill Police to remove them. Source: Democracy Now

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“Vanguard of the Revolution”: New Film Chronicles Rise of Black Panthers & FBI’s War Against Them

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-30

With groups around the country taking on issues of police brutality and accountability, we go back 50 years to another movement confronting the same issues. We spend the hour looking at a new documentary that just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival called, “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution.” It tells the history of the Black Panther Party through rare archival footage and interviews with party leaders, rank and file members, journalists — and even police and FBI informants. We feature extended excerpts from the film, and speak with one its subjects, Kathleen Cleaver, who served as communications secretary of the Black Panther Party and is now a law professor at Emory University. We also speak with Stanley Nelson, the film’s award-winning director. The film is set to play in theaters and air on PBS later this year. Source:Democracy Now

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“Can Lebanon Endure Another War?”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-01-30

The Siege of Beirut (2006) – The Israel-Hezbollah War killed hundreds of civilians, created 1.5 million refugees, crippled Lebanon’s infrastructure – and only lasted 34 days. Can Lebanon risk another?
Source:JourneyMan Pictures

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