Published on Mar 31, 2014
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The Politics of Rape: A recent rise in violent sex attacks in India has shocked the world, but has the chaotic Indian response really helped the situation?

The recent spate of violent rapes and sex attacks in India has shocked the world, but it’s the reaction of authorities that has proved just as shocking. This report asks if India’s balance of justice has turned far enough in favour of the victims, or even if it could have gone too far.

“I was mocked by the police”, says Suzette Jordan, who after being gang raped at gunpoint found no aid in Kolkata police. Even accused “of being a prostitute” by a Cabinet Minister, her case highlights the constant injustice in response to rape from within the Indian government and police. But on the other side, a culprit is needed and there is a new haste with which police are charging people with cases being held in a “very hasty manner, so that the culprit is punished”. This has become problematic with many charged quickly and with severity. With so many rape cases becoming highly politicised, this report asks where the balance of justice needs to be placed within India’s endemic culture of violent rape.

SBS Dateline – Ref. 6083