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    Quemela Savage


    • NYFW Reviews Wrap-Up: More Like Spring/Bummer 2015
      Like clockwork, New York Fashion Week came and went in a swift blur of broken heels, extravagant weirdos, and free party swag. Big fancy designers showcased the same ol' shit uptown while newer, upcoming, and quite frankly, more exciting designers showcased their new stuff downtown. Now that the dust has settled, here's what we saw and whether or n […]
    • Manchester Eggs and Pig Stomach: Frat House Chef
      Manchester Eggs and Pig Stomach: Frat House Chef
    • Mélodie Fenez Makes Music Using the Secret Sounds of Plants
      Photos by the author Mélodie Fenez is a French artist who claims she has discovered a way to harness plant sounds and turn them into music. When I first heard about her, I was intrigued and reminded of Václav Hálek, the mushroom composer, who recently passed away. I headed over to her home in Berlin to give it a listen. Fenez began by poking the naked ends o […]
    • Weediquette: Stoned At the Doctor's Office
      Photo via Flickr user kmonojo Everyone has a story about the first time they ever smoked weed, and it usually sucks. The better story is the one about the first time you got really, really high. Most people need a couple of tries before really experiencing it, and the first time it really has an effect is just plain awesome. When I was 15, I had smoked a cou […]

9th Grade Student Attacks Teacher For Giving Her A Failing Grade

Posted by Quemela Savage on 2014/04/19

Published on Apr 18, 2014

9th Grade Student Attacks Teacher For Giving Her A Failing Grade

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