Published on Apr 28, 2014
Jim Browski

Bill O’Reilly rips Donald Sterling & cliven bundy on race. watch bill o’reilly on donald sterling on race and cliven bundy. o’reilly donald sterling al sharpton and snoop dogg segment Bill O’Reilly took on the Donald Sterling uproar by condemning the Clippers owner’s remarks as “despicable” and “ignorant,” but also going after people like Snoop Dogg and Al Sharpton for their over-the-top reaction to Sterling’s comments.

O’Reilly said Sterling, like Cliven Bundy, has “a sense of entitlement” that allows him to say things like this. He said that people should not be so quick to lump him in as part of a widespread problem, because Sterling “does not represent anyone other than himself.”

O’Reilly then went after Snoop Dogg for his profane rant in response to Sterling, asking, “Do you really think that helps the cause of anti-discrimination in the United States?” He also targeted Sharpton, saying the MSNBC host “exploited the situation immediately, trying to bring attention to himself.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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