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Crowds Gather at Brown Funeral; Family Asks for Peace

Wall Street Journal

Crowds gathered in St. Louis for the funeral of Michael Brown, the teenager whose killing sparked days of protests in Ferguson, Mo. WSJ’s Dan Frosch joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero with a live report from the funeral. Photo: Getty

Michael Brown’s Funeral: Crowds Mourn Ferguson Teen

Supportive crowds gathered for the funeral of Michael Brown, the teenager who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., igniting two weeks of heated protests. In this video, Brown’s uncle, Bernard Ewing, talks about his late nephew and his wish for people to live together in peace.

Ferguson Killer Cop Darren Wilson fired from disbanded racist police department


It turns out that Darren Wilson likes working for racist police departments in Missouri that engage in racial profiling and harassment of Black residents. The Jennings Police Department was disbanded by the city council and every single officer fired including Wilson. It also turns out that Wilson got a commendation for apprehending a non-violent drug offender and delivering a new slave to the prison plantation. What a loser.

Tear gas linked to spontaneous abortions

RT America
In 2011, a study by the University of Chile showed the probability that the chemicals in tear gas can damage a fetus in the last trimester of pregnancy and cause miscarriages. In 2012, the group, Physicians for Human Rights, was studying the effects of tear gas as it was being used on civilians in Bahrain, and they also found that CS gas can cause clinical spontaneous abortions just weeks after exposure. They also found this effect isn’t limited to just the last trimester and can affect fetuses at any stage of development. And in 1988, a UN report linked dozens of miscarriages to the use of tear gas by Israelis against Palestinians. That was almost 30 years ago, and the same thing is still happening today. Israelis are still lobbing tear gas, made in the USA, at Palestinians. And American police in Ferguson are now lobbing canisters of this gas, which has been linked to spontaneous abortions. The Resident discusses.

Hangout with Les Twins!

Streamed live on Jul 16, 2014
Join dancers Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, popularly known as “Les Twins,” and ask them your questions!

Les Twins have performed with Beyoncé Knowles and Missy Elliot. They have also appeared in Jay-Z’s “That’s Rocawear” viral video and the music video for “La Gloria” by French-Argentine band Gotan Project. They have travelled with the “Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour” as dancers.

Police Shooting of Mike Brown, An Unarmed Black Teenager, Sparks Protests in Missouri

Protests have broken out near St. Louis, Missouri, over a police shooting that killed an unarmed African-American teen. Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was shot to death in the town of Ferguson on Saturday afternoon after being confronted by police. The St. Louis County Police is claiming Brown physically assaulted the officer involved and tried to reach for his weapon inside a police car. But two witnesses provided a sharply different account, with one saying Brown was shot with his arms up as he tried to flee the officer’s fire.

Why Is No One Talking About The Innocent Man Texas Executed?

An innocent man, Cameron Todd Willingham, was executed in Texas. And nobody seems to care. Lee Camp explains the utter insanity of the barbaric death penalty.

How To End Police Brutality AND Homelessness

A couple of cities are pioneering real solutions.

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