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    About meWelcome and Thank you for visiting.

    BGTV Media Online blog features the truth of what is going on in our world today. Regular people with regular lives and their experiences with life. This blog features videos that I feel will be helpful in Education of the outside world and the struggles we face as humans to survive. Some videos will be for entertainment as well.

    I find that people in different countries and cultures are just the same as me and you. I really didn’t feel that way until I moved to California in 2003 and started meeting people from all walks of the world.

    Being a southern small town girl from the east coast so used to dealing mainly with only two races(black and white), I was really fascinated when I arrived in California.

    The hot weather and the smell of different exotic foods in the air immediately drew me to love this place. Besides that now I felt free to be myself and live my life.

    Over the years I have met (OMG) I can’t even begin to count how many people, but many became work associates and some good friends.

    Getting to know people and their cultures I began to understand that we all are the same. We all breathe the air and have to attend to everyday life situations that may come our way.

    Modeling was one of my professions and in doing that I have come to understand the true beauty of a person on the inside and out. I understand that it’s not what’s on the outside that is true beauty, but what’s on the inside as beauty is skin deep, but ugly is too the bone. Honestly I hate stuck up people and folks who think they are all that. After going through many challenges in my life, I understand human nature and think and understand the concepts of life and human beings well. This in the long run have taught me how to associate with people as an individual as well as a group.

    Now I have made it my business to spread the word and the truth about so many unfortunate people and the disasters that strike their lives.

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Archive for the ‘Children’ Category

Ratchet FL~ Mother Beats & Publicly Shames Daughter With a Derogatory T-Shirt

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-26

The shirt reads: “My name is ______. I currently have all F’s in all of my classes. I am not aloud to have a boyfriend no time soon. So back off before I get another good woopin like I got last night. Also I can no longer have any friends until all of my F’s are all brought up to C’s and up!!! So unless you are helping me with this goal…back off!!! My eating French fries and being a social butterfly is over because I know why my parents send me to school. I now know the importance of my education. I will learn. I will listen to my teachers and be respectful, at all times. I will do these things because I am failing _____ due to my social life. Want to be my friend :) Help me by not!!!”
Source: lovelyti2013

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Cops: Baby starves, parents make breast milk porn An Oregon couple is accused of allowing their 7-week-old son to starve to death.

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-24

Stephen Michael Williams Jr., 26, and Amanda Marie Hancock, 21, are charged with murder by abuse.A police affidavit reportedly states the parents told authorities they made pornography, which involved Hancock self-lactating while others paid money to watchonline.While medical examiners says the baby died of starvation, the affidavit reportedly states the parents told police they fed the child multiple ounces of milk several times a day.
Published: February 24, 2015

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Kinky Georgia couple leave infant in freezing car while they have ‘adult’ playtime inside

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-24

A Snellville, Georgia couple was arrested after police came to their home after getting an “animal complaint.” The animal turned out to be a very upset infant. Katrina Marie Norman, 32 and her partner Louis T. Cope, 23, allege that they had just returned from shopping when Katrina threw on a sexy one-piece lace outfit.The couple says they were just inside “for a second” and left their infant in the car as they unloaded groceries. The cops tell a rather different tale. When officers arrived at the residence, they knocked on the door for 15 minutes before a disheveled Katrina came outside. Police said it was clear from the couple’s appearance that they’d been having intercourse. Temps on that day were just one degree above freezing and the child, plus the couple’s two older kids, were taken into protective custody while the parents will face charges related to child abuse. Police said the house was filthy, with feces on the floor, rotten food and garbage strewn about the home
Source: TomoNews
Published February 24, 2015

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“8 Yr Old Makes Millions A Year From YOUTUBE”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-19

The ever popular EvanTubeHD has earned the cute young host millions of dollars per year, all for the unboxing and reviewing of toys
Source: LandonProduction

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“Teens Storm Mall In Riot Like Fashion”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-19

 New surveillance video obtained by Channel 9 shows how crowd control went from bad to worse after hundreds of teenagers suddenly rushed into the movie theater at West Oaks Mall Saturday night. Deputies said as many as 900 teens, described as being in middle or high school, attempted to rush the theater at once. “The numbers got out of hand that night,” Lt. Mike Bryant of the Ocoee Police Department said. Mall security officers lowered a gate to control the growing crowd, but the teens raised the gate and continued to rush in. Security eventually called police for backup, but officers couldn’t do much because the group wasn’t committing a crime.

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“As many lose interest in ‘Bring Back Our Girls,’ a few vow not to forget”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-11

Since world leaders and celebrities showed their support for the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign last spring, what has become of efforts to find and return the young female mass kidnapping victims of Boko Haram? Jonathan Miller of Independent Television News reports that many in Nigeria have lost interest in their fate, but a dedicated group keeps vigil.
Source: PBS NewsHour
Published Feb 10, 2015

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Girl fight on Facebook: 13-year-old boy shot dead by Chicago gang while recording fight on camera

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-10

Anthony Diaz, 13 was killed during a gang fight on Chicago’s Northwest Side Sunday night. The fight, which started on Facebook, was between his sisters and a rival gang. When Jennifer Sosa went to finish a fight that began on Facebook, she probably didn’t expect her 13-year-old brother Anthony Diaz wind up dead as a result. Sosa, 17, and her sister, 15, were in a Facebook taunting match with rival gang members and decided to settle it in person. The sisters snuck out of their house with one of their boyfriends and Diaz to brawl with girls from the opposing gang. Sosa later told WLS news, an ABC affiliate in Chicago, that they fought the girls while Diaz recorded the fight on his cell phone. Sosa said that Diaz and his sisters were walking away, members from the rival gang jumped them. During this second scuffle, one of the rival gang members fired a handgun and struck Diaz in the chest. “She was dissing our gang. We came, we fought. They just got out of hand. They jumped all of us and they ended up shooting my brother,” Sosa told reporters. The 13-year-old was was taken to the hospital but later succumbed to his injuries. Police recovered Diaz’s phone which contains images from the fight, but they’ve not yet taken anyone into custody.
Source:TomoNews US
Published Feb 10,2015

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“Girl’s survivor story goes viral on Facebook”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-10

A young woman’s story of survival has gone viral on Facebook. In the video, she claims to be a victim of sexual abuse and explains how she cut herself and attempted suicide while trying to deal with the trauma. “I was extremely nervous to post this but I know it will help a lot of people,” read the video’s caption.
Source: HLN
Published Feb 9, 2015

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Girl Scout shooting: 9-year-old Sinai Miller shot in the leg on her way to sell girl scout cookies

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-10

A 9-year-old girl is recovering after a stray bullet hit her in the leg while she was on her way to sell Girl Scout cookies with her little sister. The shooting occurred just outside Sinai Miller’s home. “They walked outside the door, and they didn’t even get to make it across the lot and then the shots start ringing out,” said Mark Chandler, Sinai’s mother’s boyfriend. Shanita Miller, Sinai’s mother, said she was zipping up her other daughter’s coat when she heard gunshots outside the door. She brought the two girls inside, and Sinai ran past her. “She started screaming and hollering, ‘Mommmy, it hurt, it hurt!’” Shanita Miller told the Indianapolis Star. Sinai was taken to a nearby children’s hospital, where doctors said the bullet missed her bone and major artery. The young girl is now recovering at home. Police said they are looking for the driver of a blue Ford expedition linked to the shooting. Witnesses said they saw a hand with a gun poke out of the vehicle’s window. Another bullet struck a nearby apartment door. “The type of community this is, it’s kid friendly,” one neighbor told local reporters.
Source:TomoNews US
Published Feb 9,2015

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Pedophile killed: UK dad beats to death German child smut suspect after catching him filming his kid

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-10

British man Karinth Davinder has been charged with homicide by Spanish authorities after he allegedly beat a German man to death after catching the man using an iPad to make videos of his young daughter. It was later revealed that the deceased German had been arrested for possessing child smut in January and was awaiting trial. Davinder and his daughter reside in the massive private resort of Sotogrande in Cadiz. Over the weekend, they went for a meal at the upscale Spinnaker restaurant. As they were eating, Davinder kept noticing a man pointing an iPad in the direction of his daughter. The father suspected the man was filming his little girl and told the man several times to stop. After the warnings went unheeded, Davinder went over and grabbed the iPad and says he found videos of his kid on the device. Davinder smashed the device on the ground before beating the man, identified as German national Sandro Rottman, to death. Authorities said Rottman died of “very serious wounds” a short time after the beating but noted no weapon was used. It turns out that Rottman had been arrested in January for possessing explicit videos of children and was awaiting trial. Davinder, who reportedly used to be a boxer, is in custody and faces homicide charges. 
Source: TomoNews US
Published Feb 10,2015

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“3 Teen Thugs Charged With Murdering 14 Year Old Alexis Kane

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-10

3 Teen Thugs Charged With Murdering 14 Year Old Alexis Kane Issac M. “Malik” Carter, 17, Ce-Antonyo D. Kennedy, 17, and Dominic “Nick” McDaniel, 18, have all been charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal They’re accused of brutally beating and then taking turns shooting Alexis Kane, an eighth-grader at Smith-Hale Middle School in the Hickman Mills School District. Alexis’ body was found outside The Bay Waterpark, 7101 Longview Rd., in south Kansas City on Jan. 11, not far from her school. Multiple 9 mm shells were found at the scene, court records state. Court reports and surveillance video show that Alexis got into a car with two of the suspects at a 7-Eleven on Blue Ridge Boulevard. Her friends said she had arranged to meet with “Malik” whom she had been communicating with on Facebook. The victim’s friends told Alexis not to get into the vehicle and began to follow the vehicle with her inside, court records state. After losing sight of her, Alexis’ friends asked her to turn on her cell phone’s location service in order to be located. The teen suspects went to a Grandview apartment and then left, heading towards The Bay Waterpark. Surveillance video from the waterpark showed one of the teens hit Alexis in the face with a handgun. Then, the two others passed the gun to one another to shoot her multiple times. “She didn’t deserve it, and we all know that,” said Alexis’ mother, LoShonda Kane LoShonda. “She will be missed so much by many.” Alexis’ family say they won’t be able to sleep any better at night, but they can begin to heal now that three suspects have been captured and charged. LoShonda Kane, sent a message to all mothers. “I ask all mothers please protect your children.” she said. Jackson County prosecutors say they could not make sense of her murder, giving no motive for her death. “There is just no sense to this. I can’t give you a motive. It’s senseless. A 14-year-old is no longer with us. I cannot give you a reason that makes any sense,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said. What they say they do know is that the three teenagers were involved. “Alexis’ death is really terrible. This is about as terrible as I can imagine. But what is also terrible is that today I’m charging 17 and 18-year-olds in her killing,” Peters Baker said. Kansas City police say it took over a 100 local and federal officers rallying together to find the three suspects. One was arrested Sunday morning, and now all three are in jail. Prosecutors have requested each defendant be held on a cash bond of $500,000.
Source: TheAdviseShowTV
Published Feb 10, 2015

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Judge Shannon Holmes Scolds Mother & Thug Boyfriend For The Murder Of 3 Year Old Daughter

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-10

On Wednesday, Feb. 4, two suspects accused of murdering a 3-year-old girl stood before Judge Shannon Holmes. According to WXYZ-Detroit, the suspects identified as Clifford Thomas and Jasmine Gordon are currently standing trial for the brutal death of Gordon’s daughter. Although, the two have not been found guilty as of yet, its quite obvious Judge Holmes has no remorse. As a matter of fact, her powerful, sarcastic statement to the couple has gone viral. On Sept. 18, 2014, the Detroit couple reportedly transported the sick child to a local Henry Ford Hospital. According to a previous Fox News report, the toddler wasn’t breathing. However, Gordon “refused to explain why,” claiming that the child needed to be treated for “self-inflicted” injuries because she “ran into a wall.” Unfortunately, Click on Detroit reports the child was already dead on arrival. Of course, the seemingly outlandish claims, along with the mother’s refusal to explain what really happened, led to speculation of foul play. After close evaluation, medical examiners quickly discovered Thomas and Gordon’s claims weren’t exactly true. The ailing child reportedly suffered more than 50 injuries that were later determined to be result of alleged beatings she’d reportedly suffered at the hands of Gordon and her boyfriend. “There was abrasion on right arm, there were healing abrasions on the forehead, the right temple region, the chest, the upper back (and) lower back,” said Dr. Kilak Kesha, a forensic pathologist with the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office. Although the couple’s defense attorneys argue there are still no definitive answers behind the child’s injuries, Judge Holmes argues anyone would have known the child was suffering from some form of ailment. So, she still blames the parents. “There are some very serious questions as to whether this child had some serious medical problems,” said John McWilliams, one of Gordon’s defense attorneys. “The medical examiner went on to testify that any parent or guardian — and I am going to add a side bar ‘in their right mind’ — would have known that this child was sick and needed medical attention,” Holmes said. The footage of Judge Holmes’ jaw-dropping statement has garnered nearly one million views on several social media sites, collectively. She definitely had no sympathy for Gordon or Thomas, and made it quite clear that their lack of attention toward the child may have contributed to her untimely death. She even concluded her statement with a gravely sarcastic statement saying, “don’t even think about bond, I’m not entertaining it. And I wish you all the very best. And I’m really being sarcastic.” Both Thomas and Gordon are reportedly being charged with felony murder, second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and second-degree child abuse. In addition to the charges they face together, Thomas is has also been charged with resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer.
Published: Feb 10, 2015

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“11-year-old girl charged with beating infant to death”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-10

Published on Feb 10, 2015
An 11-year-old girl has been charged with murder in the beating death of a 2-month-old who was staying overnight with her and her mother. Source: USA Today

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Strange birthday wish: Dying boy suffers from autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-06

This Saturday, the Everson family of Puyallup, Washington will celebrate their son’s 9th birthday in their home, but they’ll be receiving birthday wishes from all around the globe. Bubby battles autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, deafness, and scoliosis on the daily. But the Everson’s aren’t letting a few terminal illnesses stop Bubby from having the time of his life. Nine years ago, when Bubby was still in the womb, his mother contracted a virus that most adults get at some point but are able to shake it off like T. Swift. But, sometimes the virus is passed on to an unborn child. In this case, it caused a slew of major developmental problems that will ultimately cut Bubby’s life short. For his birthday this year, the family is asking for the one thing that their son goes absolutely bonkers for—letters in the mail. The Eversons have already filled several garbage bags with birthday cards and more is on the way. If you’d like to join us in wishing Bubby a happy birthday from all around the world, send your letters to this address: Bubby Everson P.O. Box 1142 Graham, Washington 98338 —


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Child bride: 13YO sold by her boyfriend to 40YO man who starved, beat and raped her

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2015-02-06

In Zhejiang province, located along China’s eastern coast, police have finally reunited a 13-year-old run away with her parents. The girl, nicknamed Xiao Zhao, had run away with her much older boyfriend, A-Wu, back in September 2013. A-Wu convinced the 13 year old that they could live like a happily married couple if she would run away from her parents. Xiao Zhao agreed and the two ran away so that A-Wu could look for a job and Xiao Zhao could play house. Only, once away from Xiao Zhao’s parents A-Wu decided on a get rich quick scheme. He would sell the naive teenager as a child bride to a willing customer. So A-Wu sold Xiao Zhao for USD $3,200 to Mr. Guo, age 42, who had already outlived his previous wife. Mr. Guo lived in the mountains in Yunnan located in south-west China. Mr. Guo only gave Xiao Zhao one bowl of rice to eat each day, complaining that she’d already cost him enough money and if she spoke out or cried Mr. Guo beat her. Xiao Zhao did make 9 attempts to escape, but because Mr. Guo lived in the mountains pretty far from anything you could call civilization, once it started to get dark Xiao Zhao reluctantly turned back. She was more afraid of falling down the mountain, injuring herself and dying of starvation then she was of another beating from her so-called husband. Sometimes Xiao Zhao would manage to call her parents, but each time was too afraid to say anything. She said Mr. Guo had threatened her, saying if her parents ever did show up, he’d kill them, so she always called and just listened to the sound of her parents voices until they hung up. Initially, Xiao Zhao’s father thought the calls were crank calls, but eventually contacted the police, suspecting that they may have been from his daughter. The police traced the calls and were finally able to locate the 13 year old, who’d lost so much weight her father barely recognized her. Mr. Guo and A-Wu have been arrested on charges of kidnapping, human trafficking, child abuse, and rape. The prosecutor will be adding more charges before the case goes to court. And Xiao Zhao won’t be leaving her parents’ side anytime soon for a long long time. I bet she’s learned her lesson.


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