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Students take a stand to topple teacher tenure

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-11-27

PBS NewsHour

Students take a stand to topple teacher tenureA 2012 legal case brought by nine public school students in California, who argued the state’s teacher tenure laws denied their right to a quality education, ended a few months ago after a judge declared the laws unconstitutional. Shortly after the ruling, legal action regarding teacher tenure laws began in another state, with parents in New York filing a similar lawsuit.

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Teacher ABUSES student Drags 13-Year-Old Girl -She Pleads for Him to Stop

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-11-23

Published on Nov 22, 2014
David Vose

A California teacher is on administrative leave after a video surfaced showing the man dragging a teenage girl into a pool.

According to FOX40 in Stockton, Calif., Denny Peterson, a teacher at Edison High School in Stockton, is charged with corporal injury to a child.
This video shows the teacher attempting to drag the 13-year-old girl,  In the video the girl pleads multiple times with the teacher to stop, but he does not.

“I told him, ‘My top is coming down,’ and he didn’t stop,” Garcia told the station.

The video showed the teacher’s reaction to her plea was to simply respond, “It’s alright,” as he continued to try and force her into the pool.

According to the report, the girl says she swam laps like the teacher asked, but did not go fully underwater because she didn’t want to get her hair wet. She had a cheerleading competition the same day.


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HIV Positive Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With 15 Yr Old Boy

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-09-22


HIV Positive Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With 15 Yr Old Boy

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Is Texas rewriting history with conservative textbooks?

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-09-16

RT America
The state of Texas is under fire for pushing what many call a revisionist take on history. Critics point to passages in new textbooks as examples of a conservative bias, citing entries the play up the roll of biblical figure Moses in American democracy, while down playing the negative consequences of racial segregation. To learn more about the politics of the education system in the Lone Star State, RT’s Manila Chan speaks to Thomas Ratliff, vice chair of the Texas State Board of Education.

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