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Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-12-12

Emmanuel TV

Published on Jun 23, 2014

Have you ever seen an angel? During a time of prayer at The SCOAN, a young man possessed by a ‘legion’ of demons attempts to escape and leave the church. He is stopped by Divine angelic forces guarding the church premises and receives his full deliverance!

NB – Watch until the end to hear his remarkable experiences during the powerful deliverance session with T.B. Joshua

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Emmanuel TV

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Ferguson Missouri Reaching The Boiling Point”

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-11-17

Ferguson Missouri Reaching The Boiling Point”

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WARNING: Ebola & the Days of Noah – Mass Scale Genetic Engineering of the Human Race

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-10-01

In this radio broadcast, Tim Alberino is interviewed by the fellas from the blogtalkradio program “We Are The Essential Resistance” concerning a conspiracy to conduct mass scale genetic alterations to the global human populace via Ebola, or other virus vector vaccines. The implications of this nefarious plot are enormous, and could even have eternal ramifications in the days to come. Tim proclaims a dire warning concerning the imminent repeat of the days of Noah, and the coming war that mankind will foolishly wage—allied with a host of non-human allies—against God Almighty, and His Anointed One.

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Addicted To Masturbation; Afflicted To Bedwet | Emmanuel TV Testimony

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-09-25

Emmanuel TV

Published on Mar 4, 2014
Favour Yaje from Cameroon struggled with an embarrassing ailment – she was a chronic bed-wetter. The shame and embarrassment that resulted from the affliction led to isolation, pushing her to yet another problem – masturbation. For 20 long and painful years, the young lady was plagued by these challenges, so ashamed of them that she kept them secret from the few friends she had.

However, after an encounter with God through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, the history of her life was rewritten!

For more information:

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