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Desperation Limbo: The plight of Ukrainians who fled Kiev’s war

Russia’s Foreign Minister has expressed concern over the stalling of Russian aid trucks destined for Eastern Ukraine. They remain at the border – waiting to be let through. Kiev has accepted the convoy is indeed carrying only humanitarian aid. Maria Finoshina spoke with some of those in urgent need of this help.

Obama announces new round of sanctions against Russia

President Barack Obama announced Tuesday a new round of economic sanctions on the Russian economy. Targeting three major financial institutions and a government owned shipbuilding company, the sanctions are meant to punish the country for its purported role in fueling the violence in eastern Ukraine. RT’s Meghan Lopez has more on the announcement.

“Are the U.S. and Russia on the verge of war?”

“Human Rights Watch: Mass grave at MH17 crash site”

“2 Ukrainian Jet Fighters Shot Down In Rebel Held Area”

“UKRAINE: 80,000 Russian Troops at Border Ready for War”

“Train carrying remains of #MH17 crash victims arrives in Kharkov, Ukraine”


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