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    Quemela Savage


    • Portraits from the Biggest Flea Market in Prague (and Maybe Europe)
      "The largest flea market in Czech Republic and the whole of Europe"; "An area exceeding more than 12 acres"; "Everything you'd ever want to sell or buy under one roof." These are the kind of words you'll hear touted at Kolbenova flea market in Prague, where you can buy everything from a manky pair of flipper to a disus […]
    • The Long Wait For Ebola Treatment in Liberia
      The Long Wait For Ebola Treatment in Liberia
    • Police Raided Australia's Cannabis Capital
      Image via At a time when the Uruguayan government and several US states are legalizing marijuana, Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) Police Force are cracking down on marijuana possession in the small township of Nimbin. Situated in northern NSW, Nimbin has been renowned as a hub  alternative lifestyles and recreational marijuana use for over three decades (V […]
    • Mono Is Bigger, Louder, and Heavier on Their New Track
      Mono is aging in the other direction. Their new LP Rays of Darkness is their second of two LPs this year and is the darker of the two. It's also the first without string arrangements, and the new jam "Recoil, Ignite (Part II)" is quite possibly their heaviest track to date. Listen to Mono's version of aging gracefully with the searing pos […]



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