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    Who Am I ???

    About meWelcome and Thank you for visiting.

    BGTV Media Online blog features the truth of what is going on in our world today. Regular people with regular lives and their experiences with life. This blog features videos that I feel will be helpful in Education of the outside world and the struggles we face as humans to survive. Some videos will be for entertainment as well.

    I find that people in different countries and cultures are just the same as me and you. I really didn’t feel that way until I moved to California in 2003 and started meeting people from all walks of the world.

    Being a southern small town girl from the east coast so used to dealing mainly with only two races(black and white), I was really fascinated when I arrived in California.

    The hot weather and the smell of different exotic foods in the air immediately drew me to love this place. Besides that now I felt free to be myself and live my life.

    Over the years I have met (OMG) I can’t even begin to count how many people, but many became work associates and some good friends.

    Getting to know people and their cultures I began to understand that we all are the same. We all breathe the air and have to attend to everyday life situations that may come our way.

    Modeling was one of my professions and in doing that I have come to understand the true beauty of a person on the inside and out. I understand that it’s not what’s on the outside that is true beauty, but what’s on the inside as beauty is skin deep, but ugly is too the bone. Honestly I hate stuck up people and folks who think they are all that. After going through many challenges in my life, I understand human nature and think and understand the concepts of life and human beings well. This in the long run have taught me how to associate with people as an individual as well as a group.

    Now I have made it my business to spread the word and the truth about so many unfortunate people and the disasters that strike their lives.

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First US Ebola patient dies in Dallas

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-10-09

 RT America

The first patient diagnosed with Ebola inside the US died early Wednesday morning. Thomas Eric Duncan succumbed to the virus while being treated in an isolation unit at the hospital that originally turned him away when he first began experiencing symptoms. Officials are now turning their focus to as many as 48 individuals who were exposed to Duncan and may have also contracted the potentially deadly disease. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky has more details on Duncan’s death and the expanding containment efforts.

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Massive climate action march to rock NYC

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-09-15

RT America
Compelling reasons for supporting what could be the largest climate march in history.

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Amazing volcano footage: Eruption, shockwave caught on camera in Papua New Guinea

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-09-07

RT – Philip McNamara was on a boat off the coast of Papua New Guinea filming Mount Tavurvu in the distance when the volcano exploded, sending up a plume of ash and smoke.

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Human Traffic: Lack of labor protection in UK ushers in modern slavery

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-09-07

RT: For up to 30 million people around the world, slavery is not something confined to history, but an every day reality. In Britain the Abolition of Slavery Act was passed more than 180 years ago. But as RT’s Marina Kosareva reports the problem hasn’t gone away.

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ISIS terrorizes West via social media

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-09-07

RT America
The US and other Western countries are concerned over the Islamic State’s growing use of social media to spread fear and recruit members. Particularly when it comes to Twitter, the group and its supporters have been extremely active spreading the jihadist’s beliefs. RT’s Anastasia Churkina takes a look at the radicals’ online strategies and why they are proving hard to stop.

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EPIDEMIC: Local police lose assault rifles, Humvees provided by Pentagon

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-09-07

RT America- First under fire for its connection the heavy handed police response to protests in Ferguson, MO, the Pentagon’s “1033” program is now at the center of another controversy. The Department of Defense has suspended over 180 police departments across the country for losing scores of military-grade weaponry and vehicles provided by the initiative. M14 and M16 assaults rifles, shotguns, pistols and entire Humvees have slipped through the cracks and are unaccounted for after being transferred to local law enforcement agencies, according to a report by Fusion. RT’s Ameera David takes a look at this latest scandal to surround the program.

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ISIS is in the US: Just ask the Fort Hood shooter

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-09-07

RT America- Nidal Hasan, the shooter at Fort Hood in 2009 who killed 13 and injured dozens, penned a letter to ISIS leader Abu Baghdadi, asking to become a member of the group. The letter was verified by Hasan’s lawyer and given to FOX News per Hasan’s request. At a time when fear grows about ISIS reaching western soil to carry out terrorist attacks, this story serves as a good reminder of how, in a way, ISIS is already in the US. The Resident discusses.

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Ferguson war zone video: Journalist tear-gassed badly, SWAT police fire rubber bullets

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-08-19

Protesters helped a journalist recover from a tear-gas attack by the police in Ferguson early Tuesday morning, spraying milk and water into his eyes to try and calm the burning. Reports of a gunshot victim have emerged, though there has been no confirmation that the injured person is a protester, bystander or police officer.

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Social Connection? ISIS supporters post pics from around Europe

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-08-19

The UN refugee agency has begun a major aid operation to help over half a million Iraqis displaced by violence. The country’s forces met fierce resistance from Islamic State militants in Tikrit, just north-west of Baghdad forcing the army to halt its operations. Jihadists have vowed to, quote, ‘drown America in blood’, after losing control of a key dam on Monday.

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Desperation Limbo: The plight of Ukrainians who fled Kiev’s war

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-08-19

Russia’s Foreign Minister has expressed concern over the stalling of Russian aid trucks destined for Eastern Ukraine. They remain at the border – waiting to be let through. Kiev has accepted the convoy is indeed carrying only humanitarian aid. Maria Finoshina spoke with some of those in urgent need of this help.

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Judge rules to allow bathroom cameras

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-07-31

Dennis Smith, the owner of Calabash Seafood Restaurant and Midway Lounge, installed a surveillance camera in his men’s bathroom, right above the stall, as a way to catch vandals. Smith maintained the cameras weren’t pointed right at the toilet or urinal, so it wasn’t an invasion of privacy. However, someone went to change his clothes in the bathroom, thinking it was a private area, and the whole thing was filmed by the camera. So Smith was arrested for unlawful videotaping. But the judge in the case just ruled in favor of Smith. The judge actually agreed with Smith’s reasoning that since the person changing was not in a stall, technically, if the bathroom door swung open, anyone could have seen him, so most of the bathroom is as good as a public space. So Smith got off, and the judge just set an insane precedent, lawfully allowing for cameras in bathrooms. The Resident discusses.

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The Shocking Reason Gun Control Doesn’t Matter

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-06-23

RT America

A company is now marketing bulletproof blankets to school children to protect themselves from crazed gunmen. But at the end of the day, there’s a deeper reason gun control doesn’t matter at all. And this reason is almost never talked about.

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Detroit appeals to UN for humanitarian assistance

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-06-23

RT America

Several groups appealed to the UN on Wednesday to assist in providing affordable water to the residents of Detroit. In March, the bankrupt city sent 45,000 shutoff notices to residents with overdue bills. So far, nearly 3,000 have had their water service terminated, and many more fear they are next. RT’s Manila Chan has more details on the circumstances of the plea for help.

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House votes to keep Gitmo open for another year

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-06-23

RT America

The House of Representatives threw another obstacle in front of efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Late Thursday, the House vote 230 to 184 on two amendments to a defense appropriations bill that ban transfers of detainees for one year. RT’s Manila Chan has more details on this latest vote to keep the controversial facility running.

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Rare multiple tornadoes hit South Dakota

Posted by bgtvmediaonline on 2014-06-19

RT America

A series of violent tornadoes hit South Dakota on Wednesday night, damaging buildings and injuring at least one person.
Video courtesy:­m

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